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Why the "Just Do It" Mentality Doesn't Work (for most people).

The Fitness Industry’s Dirty Little Secret: Part Two

(Read Part 1 here)

In Part One I discussed what the Fitness Industry’s Dirty Little Secret Is:

We train YOU like we train ourselves. "Do what I do and you shall be healthy and happy like me".

The Nike campaign of “Just Do It” highlighted one of the main truths about a successful fitness program; you exercise simply because that’s what a healthy, active person does. Everyday. Rain or shine. You’ve just got to do it. If you want to look like (insert ideal body image here), then this fitness program (that was designed by an athlete-a trainer- a group exercise instructor) is what you must do. 

100% accurate, true, this IS what works. For exercise to be effective you must exercise Frequently (30 minutes minimum), Consistently (5 days a week), and at an Intensity that is Challenging (break a sweat). That’s the truth. If you want results, that’s how it needs to be done. 

However, the “Just do It” mentality only works for a certain group of people; the people who have already drunk the kool-aid, or in this case, Aminos, that the fitness industry is pouring into their Hydroflasks. I’m in the “Just do it” group for my own fitness program, but I don’t train my people with this attitude. Why? Because for many people, it plain doesn’t work.

The people who have successfully incorporated exercise into their daily life HAVE adopted this mentality- “I just got to do it”, but it took them a while to get here. It took ME a while to get here!

How did we do it? How did we go from, “ugh- I hate this- I don’t want to do this” to “I just got to do it.”? 

We changed our mindset. 

This is how the Nike slogan is effective. When we find an activity that allows us to “Just do it”, then we are better able to follow the slogan and “Just do it”. However, this only works if the activity is doable. If it’s an exercise program that turns the person off, discourages them, is too tough to stick to (mainly unrealistic in any way), then it is not gonna happen- meaning you are not going to stick with it. It has no sustainability. Now, you make stick to it long enough to get some amazing results, but will you be able to maintain those results? Unfortunately, no. 

The Fitness Industry keeps selling you the same stuff- a dream. A dream of you being a different person than who you are. “Be like me and you will have (insert ideal results here).” 

This where the Fitness Industry has done a huge disservice to the majority of the public. We continue to send out workout after workout, program after program, that trains you like we train ourselves INSTEAD of creating programs that meet you where YOU are at. We assume that if you do what we do, you will someday be like us and “Just do it”. You will end up like us and buy into the philosophy that exercise is like brushing your teeth- it’s just what you do. 

Yes, it is where we need to end up, but we can’t get there unless we BELIEVE that we can. There is a very specific way to get to this belief and it’s NOT what the Fitness Industry has been telling you all these years.

We get to the point of making exercise a “just do it” part of our lives once we find activities that positively affect us as we’re doing them. 

Huh? We must find activities that align with our core values and beliefs. How do we do that? 

In Part 3 I will do a deep dive into how we find activities that are align with our core values- our identity. 

Stay tuned for Part 3! 


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