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What Happened to 10,000 Steps a Day? Didn't you hear? Steps are SOOO last YEAR!


Ugh!!!! I swear, the fitness industry is so annoying! One day we're telling you walking is enough to get you healthier, then the next day we're telling you something different. What gives?

Well, unfortunately, the answer is, as depends. 

What does it depend on? Your goals. What results are YOU looking for from an exercise program?

Today I'm going to to give you definitive, exact answers to the question, "How much exercise do you REALLY need?"

Goal number 1, "I want more energy".

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you have a hard time staying focused on a task or project? Do you need a dose, or two, or three, of caffeine to get through your day? 

Doing just 10 minutes of purposeful movement can significantly increase your energy. Here's the science:

When we do purposeful movement, like exercise, for just 10 minutes, we bring oxygen into our brains and muscles. Oxygen is energy. So think of a 10 minute Fitbreak as a natural "power boost". You're literally recharging your batteries in the most holistic, natural way possible. 

Plus, when your body is stronger, meaning your muscles have the energy to do their job of holding your joints in the right place, your body is working more efficiently. When your body works more efficiently it takes LESS energy to hold you upright and move you around. 

Answer: If you're goal is to increase energy: 10 minutes of exercise at a time will give you more energy!


Cool! We have a definitive answer! Yeah!!! Now, onto the next goal.

Goal Number 2: "I want to maintain my current level of health and wellness"

Let's say you're healthy. Your blood sugar levels are normal, your blood pressure is at or below 120/80, your cholesterol levels are normal, triglyceride levels are normal, and you're BMI is between 19.5 to 24.5, then the recommendation is a MINIMUM (I'm not yelling, I'm just emphasizing) amount of exercise you need in order to be considered an active, healthy adult is 150 minute a week of moderate (walking, yoga, Pilates) activity. 

IN ADDITION!!!! We (the AMA, ACSM, science people) recommend a MINIMUM of two strength training sessions per week (30 to 45 minutes, full body). 

ANSWER: To maintain current healthy, active lifestyle: 150 minute per week of Moderate (like walking) Aerobic Activity PLUS an additional 60-90 minutes per week of Resistance Training.

Now we're talking! Real concrete answers that will most likely be proven to be out of date by the time I publish this Blog Post. 

Goal Number 3: "I want to change..."

Let's say you are pre-diabetic and you want to lower your blood sugar naturally without drugs. You can TOTALLY  do that through exercise, but you will need to do more, and at a more challenging level, still depends. 

What? Again with the "it depends". Wait a sec- I have definitive answers to the "it depends". Here we go.

If you want to change something about your current physical state, meaning you want to lower your blood sugar, or lower your blood pressure, or lose body fat, then you need to follow the "overload" method. That just means you have to work harder, or differently, compared to what you're currently doing. 

Take me for example. I'm really good about getting my exercise in. However, if I want to get stronger, I need to change something in my resistance training program. If I want to get faster, I need to do workouts where I run faster then my normal pace. And if I want to get more flexible, then I have to actually do some Yoga instead of just looking at routines on YouTube.

This is great news!!! If you want to lose weight, you just need to do a bit more then what you're currently doing- shock your bod! Or you might be getting enough exercise, you just might need a bit more intensity- get into what we call the "vigorous" zone. Yup- you got to break a sweat.

Answer: If you want to lose weight, lower blood sugars, lower blood pressure, and raise your metabolism, you need to SWEAT for 300 per week.

BAM! Definitive answer!!! Woo hoo!!! are you going to do that?

I've got a solution for you. Do my latest Fitbreak! Open the video for a quick 10 minute Resistance Band workout. Increase your energy, burn some calories, and maybe even break a sweat. 

Need a bit more? Join EZ Fit in 10 for daily LIVE workouts PLUS an entire Library of Fitbreaks and past classes to get you healthy and fit right at home. 

Alright my friends, let's keep moving!



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