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Life Hacks: How to "Fit in" Fitness into your Busy Life!


Let's face it. If you liked working out, you wouldn't be looking at ways to "fit in" fitness into your busy schedule. 

I LOVE to workout- like it's my favorite. I even use working out to procrastinate. Whenever I have to sit down at the computer to tackle something techie thing like editing video (yuck!) or updating my website (yuckier) I always somehow manage to decide that I MUST take a walk to get my Vitamin D right this second! 

But there is a method to my madness. When I use a Fitbreak to procrastinate it actually helps me get back to work. Plus I end up being more productive because I'm more focused. It takes half the time to get my tasks done then if I just sat there staring at that stupid blinking cursor.

My method of procrastination is actually very helpful. I quick walk after lunch clears my head and helps me get re-energized for an afternoon of sitting at my desk.  Friday afternoon I had to finish up some assignments and take a few quizzes and I could not focus (squirrel!). Guess what I did? Fitbreaks! I took a dose of my own medicine and did 10 minute Strength Fitbreaks after every assignment. I finished my homework AND got a full workout in! BAM! 

That's what Fitbreaks are all about. Fitting in fitness into your workday. 

Here's what I'm asking...give my method of procrastination a shot this week. Pick one day this week when you have to be at that desk for a while and plan out those fitbreaks. I'll make it easy for you! I just recorded 2 new Kitchen Fitbreaks-  a Strength Fitbreak using Water Bottles and a Cardio and Core Tabata Fitbreak. No equipment necessary !  Do the Cradio and Core one at 11 am and the Strength one at 3 pm- or visa versa...or whenever it works for you! I do really well when I have a plan, so that's why I'm suggesting to put it into your calendar. 

These Fitbreaks are perfect if you're working at home, don't have a ton of room, or even if you're living the remote-work van life (super jealous- life goals!).

Ok my friends- let's do this! Quit waiting to workout until you have time, or can go to the gym, or you find the perfect t-shirt- remember- you don't even need to put shoes on to do a fitbreak! Or- let's be honest- you don't even need to get our of your PJ's! 

12 Minute Cardio and Core Fitbreak

15 Minute Strength Fitbreak

Happy Fitbreaking from Sue at EZ Fit in10!




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