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It Takes Courage to Take Care of Ourselves


“Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage” ~Ananis Nin

I don’t think of myself as courageous. Other people think I am because it’s so easy for me to get up in front of people, but for me, that’s not me being courageous. That’s me having the best time ever!

To me, courage is speaking from our hearts and staying true to ourselves. In order to be courageous, we must know ourselves, accept ourselves, and be courageous enough to live our lives in a way that honors who we are and what we stand for. 

Now this might be kind of a heavy subject coming from a Health and Fitness Coach, but I think it takes a special kind courage to take care of ourselves. 

Many of us know we should be doing a better job of taking care of ourselves. More exercise- less Netflix, more veggies-less pizza, more water-less wine, more sleep- less caffeine, we get it! I’m sorry, but my idea of a good time on a Friday night IS Netflix, pizza, and a glass (or two) of wine. 

Now, there’s something so wonderfully satisfying and indulgent about curling up on the coach, everything within reach spread out on the coffee table, and finding a story to get lost in (preferably Rom-Com or Superhero Sci-Fi...huh...a story where the characters, ideally women, are being courageous-those are my favorites).  

What truly makes this experience so fulfilling and joyous is that I don’t do it everyday. I wait until Friday. It’s not that I earned it or that I’m using this as a reward. It’s different. What makes it special is that it IS special BECAUSE I don’t do it everyday. 

Let’s circle back to courage. Being courageous means knowing what’s in our hearts and staying true to what’s in our hearts. If I’m going to be truthful about who I am and what’s in my heart, then I need to own up the fact that I am a better version of me when I exercise, eat veggies, drink water, and get enough sleep. This is my truth. I don’t like the person I become when I don’t move my body, eat CRAP, drink wine every night, and skimp on sleep. 

It takes courage for me to step away from the pantry- especially at night. Those cookies are a great form of instant gratification where I’m indulging my perceived “need” for cookies. Typically, what’s really going on is I’m bored or I can’t sleep. It takes courage for me to stop, take a breath, and assess the situation. Why do I want cookies? Am I actually even hungry? How about a banana and cashew butter instead? It takes courage to acknowledge that cookies are probably not the best snack idea at 10 o’clock at night. 

For me, that’s me being courageous. Honoring what helps me be the best version of myself. My life expands when I take care of myself in a way that’s true to what’s in my heart. 

It takes courage to take care of ourselves in a way that allows us to speak and act from our hearts. That’s what health coaching is all about. Finding what’s right for you. 

Discover what’s in your heart and learn how to take care of your health in a way that’s from the heart- your heart. 

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