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It's True, It's True! 10 Minutes of Exercise Works!

What? No way! You mean I can get ALL the awesome cool benefits from exercise in only 10 minutes? 

You mean I can exercise for only 10 minutes and still raise my metabolism? Lose body fat? Increase energy? 

Is this a trap? Like the good old bait and switch? "You only have to exercise for 10 minutes today, but tomorrow it'll need to be 2 hours!" 

Nope, this isn't a trick or a trap. There's real hard science proving that 10 minutes of exercise is just as effective as 30 minutes. So ditch that "all or nothing" attitude and let's look at the benefits of 10 minute workouts, or as I like to call them- Fitbreaks!

1. Boost your Mood and Brainpower

Have you noticed that at the beginning of a task, you’re focused and productive, but after a while, your attention starts to drift? Well sure- everyone's does- that's why you go to the kitchen looking for a snack! Instead of searching in the pantry for something to get your head back into that project, do a 10 minute fitbreak! 

Studies have shown that just 10 minutes of exercise will increase your attention span. 

Plus the endorphins will boost your mood helping you forget about those cookies!

2. Strengthen and Protect Your Joints

Sitting at a desk all day is NOT ideal for our minds or our bodies. many people who suffer from arthritis think they need LESS exercise when actually, they need MORE!

A 10 to 15 minute walk or a gentle yoga session will actually help you strengthen and protect your joints.

New to yoga? Try my Seated 15 Minute Yoga Fitbreak

15 Minuted Seated Yoga Fitbreak

3. Build Strength

Doctor OZ keeps telling you to do some strength training, but how do you get started? 

Strength training helps build endurance and prevent muscle fatigue, but it is a skill that's learned with a little time and practice. 

10 minutes will do the trick! Do Upper body one day, lower body the next, then a day of core for the belly and glutes. And yes- I have fitbreaks that are designed for beginners. 

10 Minute Kitchen Fitbreak

4. Lower Your Blood Pressure

Doing multiple short 10 minute workouts can actually be MORE effective in lowering blood pressure as compared to doing one 30 minute session. The positive effects of exercise on blood pressure is most noticeable AFTER a you do two 15 minute sessions as opposed to one 30 minute session, it's more effective on lowering blood pressure!

5. Reduce Stress

Ok- there's this thing called the "stress cycle" and unfortunately, we get caught in it all the time! When we get into a "fight or flight" situation (which happens all the time- even though you're probably not getting chased by a bear), we release Cortisol into our systems- aka- the stress hormone. Exercise is one of the few ways we can release it. 

10 minutes of anything heart-pumping will do the trick!

Yep- I've got a Fitbreak for that too!

10 Minute Low Impact Cardio Fitbreak

6. Better Sleep!!!

I can't function if I don't sleep. Let's just say I am not my best self- which I hate! I always had a hard time falling asleep...until I got into fitness. 

People who exercised for just 10 minutes a day saw a 95% DECREASE in feeling sleepy during the day!!! That's huge!!!

Finally...even though I don't like to focus on this...

7. Better Weight Management

Many people start exercising to lose weight- which is great, but what happens once you're lost the weight? Do you stop exercising? 

10 minute workouts get you the physical results, but maybe more importantly, the mental results. 

The key to a a successful fitness program: SUSTAINABILITY!

10 minute "fitbreaks" can be done anywhere, anytime. Figuring out how you're going to exercise long term in a way that works for you is what's going to get you results. Walking, Yoga, Zumba, Strength Training- it's all good! 

You just got to do it. That's why 10 minute fitbreaks work!





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