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It's Not About WHAT You Do, It's About WHY You Do It!

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2020


“Do something TODAY your FUTURE SELF will THANK YOU for!

How do we get healthier? 

  • Move everyday
  • Drink tons of water
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Lead an active lifestyle
  • Get curious/learn something new
  • Maintain a positive outlook
  • Reduce Stress

We know this. The tough part is figuring out what's the right area for you to focus on and how to get started on making some positive, healthy changes that help REDUCE stress, not add to our stress.

These steps are the "How" to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

Now the trickier part is identifying your "why". Why is this important to you?

Ok...story time...

The best workout is the workout that gets done. The best vegetable is the vegetable you will eat. The best bedtime routine is the routine you can do. For example, Jumping Jacks are a great exercise, but they’re not the best exercise for me (very messy...I know...TMI).

For me, the best workout is the one I look forward to, the workout that I prioritize because it makes me feel good and I can actually do it without hurting myself. Another big aspect for my workouts is what do I get from doing it. Exercising for weight loss has never been my motivation- it's a nice bonus, but it doesn't make me want to put my running shoes on.

My main payoff? Exercise reduces my stress! This is huge! This is my "why I exercise". I hate feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious.  Working out (specifically cardio) helps shift my mood. I rely on exercise to manage my stress, which is a positive, however sometimes I rely on it too much. 

For me, my October Goal is to improve my mood by using tactics other than exercise. See, I have the exercise part down. It's “non-negotiable”,  like brushing my teeth. But I still get stressed out. So it’s time for me to implement some other tactics for reducing my stress.

September was a bit rough. I slowly stopped doing the things that help me stay in a positive mood like learning something new, or practicing yoga, meditation, journaling, and getting restful sleep. These are all tactics I’ve done in the past that work for me. The problem is I stopped doing the healthy habits and started back up with the “quick fixes” which only work temporarily. 

 How do I figure out which tactic to use? Do I try and implement all my healthy habits at the same time? What’s my plan? 

We create a plan when we create a  “Healthy Living Strategy”.

What is a Healthy Living Strategy? It’s a plan that helps you create healthy, long term, sustainable habits that help you implement these “healthy lifestyle” steps and make them apart of your daily life. 

We achieve goals one step at a time, one behavior at a time. We work on one healthy habit. We create a strategy, or plan, and then work on implementing that plan in a way that is manageable and fulfilling. Striving to achieve a goal can be stress inducing, so how do we do this in a way that doesn’t create even more stress?

This is what I do. I take a step back and look at my list of different areas I can work on. I close my eyes, take a breath, and allow the step I’m most willing to take, the step I’m most excited to take, the step that hits me in the gut- I allow it to come to me. This time the answer is sleep. My sleep routine is what I want to work on the most. 

My strategy to improve my mood is to make my sleep routine a priority. We call this making the action a non-negotiable- like brushing your teeth. 

Here are my steps on how I’m going to improve my mood:

Goal or Objective: Improve my mood.

Tactic or Step: Get better sleep

My strategy, or plan, to achieve this goal: Implement my healthy sleep routine.  

Here’s my plan:

  • Turn off TV by 9 pm
  • Read 
  • 10 pm turn off lights, put on sleep meditation, and use eye pillow
  • If hungry- eat snacks off “healthy list” (apple and cheese, chia bar- basically no sugar/processed carbs)
  • Alcohol 2 nights a week (hmmm...where does day drinking fit in...I’m kidding!!!)
  • Cut back on caffeine

Now I just need a community to support me….hmmm...where can I find this community? 

Right here at EZ Fit in 10! Join our October 28 Day Reset starting October 8th! Live online meetings, resources, activities, community, connection and support to help us reduce stress TOGETHER!



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