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I LOVE Banging My head into a Wall...Over and Over and Over Again!


"I LOVE banging my head into a wall over and over and over again because THIS is the time when it won't hurt." Then we proceed to bang our head into that wall...just one more time...this is the LAST TIME....I really mean it...but I'm going to test it just once more, just make sure...and guess what? It hurt! 

Sound familiar? Just this week I had kind of a silly realization about my face cream (No, nothing earth shattering- sorry to disappoint!). I finally realized that it wasn't very moisturizing. I thought about some of the other products I use and realized that the serum I out on at night is very nice, so maybe I'll try that under my sunscreen instead. You know what? It worked! Lovely dewey skin of a 20 year old! Ok...not really, but a big improvement. It helps make the sunscreen go on much smoother- makes the sunscreen look better- and it feels better. Desired results achieved. Woo hoo! 

Now, how did I arrive at this mind blowing realization? I took a step back and evaluated what it I wanted and what I was doing to get that result. I evaluated my skin care routine, realized that I wasn't getting the desired results from what I was doing, and tried a different method. The good news- I already had a product that I liked and I knew worked- I just needed to change when I used it. Yeah for simple solutions!

Instead of continuing to do something that wasn't working (wall banging method) I chose to try a different method. 

Fitness is exactly the same. Instead of putting off working out until the ideal conditions magically occur, we can do things differently right now. 

I like to think of Fitbreaks as an insurance policy. If we get to do our planned longer workout- awesome! We could all use as many steps as possible! But [email protected]#$ happens. Our boss schedules a meeting right when you were going to take a class, or you have to watch your grandkids at the last minute, get it. Something get's in the way. Before you know it it's 5 o'clock and you're exhausted! The last thing you want to do is a workout. 

Think of Fitbreaks as your insurance policy. You need to get up from that desk and move around- there are countless studies that have proven the effectiveness of 10 minutes of movement. Now it's time to start doing things differently. 

My challenge to you is to schedule one, uno,  1 Fitbreak a day during your workday for 5 days- one work week. Make it a walk break, a stretch break, a dance break, a Yoga break- something that you enjoy. Let's stop banging our head into a wall and start doing things differently.

Don't know what to do? Stay tuned! I'm launching a 5 day Free Fitbreak Challenge. Let me do the heavy lifting (so to speak) and send you a daily Fitbreak for 5 days. Registration for our 5 day challenge will  open next week👍

In the mean time, enjoy the Fitbreak that's on this post- we do all kinds of Fitbreaks here at EZ Fit; Strength, Barre, Yoga, Pilates, and of course Cardio😍😍😍 That's my job, "do this". You just have to stop banging your head into a wall and do something different😂 

I know, I know- way easier said then done! We're all doing our best. Now we just need to to do it differently. 




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