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Find Out What the Fitness Industry Doesn't Want You to Know!

The Fitness Industry has a Dirty Little Secret that they DON’T want you to know. Want to know what it is? 

As I’m scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, I often wonder, “who’s coming up with these workouts?” Well, me. I’m  one of those “fitness people” who make up the fitness industry. I’m a trainer and Group Exercise instructor, so I am definitely “one of THOSE people”.   I keep telling you if you just move for 10 minutes, it will change your life!  

Back to my point- who’s making up this stuff? Who’s the mastermind behind HIIT training and Tabatas? Olympic lifts and marathons? Hot Yoga and Zumba? It’s people who LIKE to move. Actually, it’s people who LOVE to move. People who love to exercise. People who are motivated by competitions, people who keep striving to lift more, run farther, bend deeper. We can’t imagine our lives without exercise. It’s our thing! It’s our passion, our hobby, the thing we do in our spare time. What do I do on my day off? I go for an 8 mile hike in the Marin Headlands. Yes- this is my idea of a good time!

Now, I LOVE being a fitness person. This is my tribe- my people. But I am the first to point out that us fitness people- we are NOT normal! We are a special breed. 

Now- what is this Dirty Little Secret that the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know? 

All of us who make up the “fitness industry”, the trainers and group instructors, we all believe that you are just like us! So we train you the same way we train ourselves. 

We train you like we train ourselves. We assume (already a bad idea) that if you just stick with it (it being an exercise routine) long enough- see some results-feel the effects- you’ll be hooked! You’ll love how working out makes you feel and you’ll keep doing it.

This is where we lose you. We lose all the people who really do want to make a change, but just can’t. And the fitness industry makes it sound like it’s your fault. You’re not motivated enough, you’re not disciplined enough, you just have to suck it up and do it- I did- why can’t you? 

I hope you know that this is NOT true- none of that is true. The Fitness Industry keeps looking at behaviors and keeps telling people, “If you do this workout (behavior) or follow this diet (behavior) you will be just like all the fitness-y people you see on Instagram and Facebook- smiling, happy, bouncy…(insert wanted result here).

What’s the real Dirty Little Secret of the Fitness Industry? Why do we keep saying the same thing over and over again? Because the way to get all those amazing results doesn’t have anything to do with the perfect workout or the perfect has to do with this:


The key to getting long-lasting results is Mindset.

Today I will leave you with this quote,

“If you Believe It, You Can Achieve it”. 

This quote was in big bold letters in my High School gymnasium. I wasted so much time and energy hating this quote because of where I thought it came from, and in the process, completely missed the point. Fast forward 30 years; that quote has become my guiding inspiration. 

If you want to make a change, you must change your mindset to this, “I can.”

That is why I’ve created EZ Fit in 10. I’m re-defining fitness so that every person can say “I CAN do that.” 

If we believe it, we can achieve it.

In Part Two I will do a deeper dive into Mindset.



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