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Do You Have Dormant Butt Syndrome?

Are you working from home? Do you have a desk job? Well...that means you might have Dormant Butt Syndrome ...dun dun dun….Oh no, what’s dormant butt syndrome? And is it dangerous? And how can I get rid of it????

I’m so glad you asked. Dormant Butt Syndrome happens when we sit on our butts all day working on our computers instead of moving around. It’s a real thing- look it up! We get Dormant Butt Syndrome, or DBS for short, from sitting too much. 

Along with Dormant Butt Syndrome we might  have another condition called Flabby Ass Syndrome. Now Flabby Ass Syndrome does not have the health repercussions that DBS has, but it can be very annoying, especially when you put on a pair of jeans and notice that the back pockets are hanging down at the back of your knees. 

Ok, ok, all kidding aside, DBS actually does have some physical repercussions, besides Flabby Ass Syndrome. When our butt muscles, aka our glutes, don't work correctly, or not at all, this can cause lower back pain. Instead of the big muscles of the glutes doing their job, the lower back tightens up to support our spine and pelvis. When our glutes, along with our abs, do their job correctly, the lower back muscles get a chance to relax, and that chronic tightness in the lower back goers away. 

What can you do about it? MOVE!!! Yes, exercise IS the answer. But you don't have to spend hours and hours doing special workouts. Actually, that can be counter-productive, especially if you're new to fitness or you haven't worked out in a bit, like 9 months. 

A safe and effective way to start activating those dormant muscles; Fitbreaks! 10 minute "mini" workouts you do throughout your workday. It is actually more beneficial to get up and move for 10 minutes a few times during the day as opposed to doing one longer workout.

Awesome reason number one for doing Fitbreaks: Frequent short workouts make our bodies into fat burning machines! Every time we get up and move we raise our metabolism. We're training our bodies to use stored fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. Woo hoo!

Awesome reason number two: Every step counts. How many times have you "pushed off" going for a walk, or planned on going to the gym, to only be de-railed by "I don't have time". YOU HAVE 10 MINUTES! Frequency and consistency are the keys to getting results from an exercise program. If you're constantly "pushing-off" that workout because you don't have time, then we need to figure out a new way of getting that movement in. 

Awesome reason number three: The BEST workout is the workout you will do. If you're NOT working out because you feel like exercise is torture, then we need a new plan. That Flabby Ass ain't gonna fix itself!

Now I'm a big fan of working out because of how it makes me feel. I'm also a very proactive person when it comes to fitness. Instead of working with a Pilates coach when I had lower back pain I just cut out the middle man and went through the Pilates training. I like to find solutions  that are simple, cost-effective, and drug free. I became a Pilates instructor so I could fix my own back pain and then help other people fix theirs. 

Lower back pain sucks. I've been there. You CAN strengthen your body in a way that helps relieve lower back pain while at the same time improves your metabolism. Win-Win!

Seriously, DBS is NOT a good thing. No, you’re not going to die from DBS, however when your butt muscles, aka your glutes, aren’t working properly, this causes back and hip pain. 

80% of Americans experience lower back pain. 80%!!!! That’s MOST of us. What can you do about it? MOVE YOUR BODY! Get up from your desk and do 10 minutes of movement every 2 hours during your work day. BOOM! Bye Bye Dormant Butt Syndrome AND no more Flabby Ass! Woo-Hoo!

And of course join EZ Fit in 10 for new fitbreaks AND Live online classes that are designed for real, normal, everyday people, just like you!


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