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Do What you LOVE and LOVE what you Do!


"Do what you LOVE, and LOVE what you DO!" ~everyone

I am always so amazed by people who can put all their time and effort into reaching a goal.  The focus and drive that it takes to pursue something that may or not pan out- scary! That is probably the scariest thing that I can think of- doing your best, working really hard, putting the time and effort into something with no guarantee that you'll be successful- yuck! No thank you. 

However, I did that all the time as a kid. When I was a teenager I did a ton of theater- that was my thing. I was really good at it, so I got quite a bit of ego-stroking back in the day. The accolades were great, but I didn't need much encouragement. I loved every minute from auditions to rehearsal to show time. 

I especially LOVED showtime. My heart race with anticipation, feeling like it would burst with excitement. Being in a show felt like you were riding a rollercoaster every night. But at some point the ride had to end; time to get off and get in line for the next one. 

I chose not to pursue a career in theater for a number of reasons, but I never lost my love of preforming. I was so lucky to find teaching Group Exercise. A little improve while I stepped-touched to the beat gave me the chance to preform most days of the week! Awesome!

I started teaching GX because I thought what better way to get in shape then to get PAID to workout! Sweet! That's how I got started, but I stayed because I LOVED teaching GX classes. I grew to love it more then preforming in a play- and that's saying a lot. 

 I didn't get into teaching Group Exercise because I loved working out. Actually, I didn't really like it very much at all. Having people watch me turn beat red and gasp for air is NOT my idea of a good time. 

However, back in the day before I became an instructor I couldn't stay consistent with a fitness program. I liked how working out made me feel AFTER I was done, but I wasn't disciplined or driven enough to get a regular workout schedule going. I would start up a workout plan that I found in Shape magazine, stick with it for a few weeks. Let's be honest here- I would stick with it until I lost the 10 lbs I'd gained, and then I would slowly stop being consistent with my workouts and eating junk again until the 10 lbs were back, and then I'd get back to going to the gym and the silly cycle would start all over again!

By starting and stopping all the time I was basically starting over every-time I tried to "get back into" working out. Every time I started back up I felt like a beginner- no idea what I was doing, getting a stitch in my side, looking like a tomato for hours after my workout. I had it in my head that I had to go to the gym and workout for 2 hours everyday in order to reach my goal and that it had to be painful and awful. No wonder I didn't stick with it! That sounds AWFUL! Who wants to feel like a beginner all the time? NO ONE! And who wants to workout for 2 hours a day? Ok- I did become a convert to that mindset, but that's a story for another day.

The point is that my LOVE of teaching a group exercise class is what made me into the fitness nut I am today- NOT the actual workouts. I fell in love with working out AFTER I had been teaching classes for over a year. In that year I finally was consistent enough with my workouts that I no longer felt like a beginner. I even stopped turning bright red! In that process of sticking with it, I became competent, and in that competence I became confident in my abilities to stick with a regular fitness program. 

I now LOVE working out. I don't actually love how I feel when I'm trying to run up a hill- my lungs still feel like they're going to explode and my legs feel like they're made of cement, but I am able to stay focused on the goal- the top of that hill is right there! 

My love of fitness did NOT happen over night. I had to get to the point where I believed in my ability to get fit and stay fit. And then I did! 

Next post: How to go from "I have no idea what I'm doing" to "I GOT THIS!". Stay tuned!



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