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Home Fitness for People:

  • New to Fitness 
  • Getting Back into Fitness after a break
  • Work from Home
  • Don't Have a Gym Membership
  • Aren't 25 anymore...

Live Classes and On Demand Workouts!

Library of "Fitbreaks"-short, mini-workouts to get you moving throughout the day.

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  • Working from home
  • Desk Job
  • Staying at home
  • No gym
  • NOT 25 Anymore?

Join EZ Fit in 10! Live classes and Fitbreaks to help you get fit and stay fit from the comfort and safety of our own home.

No time for a long workout? No problem- do a 10 minute Fitbreak! Need a bit more? Do a class! Cardio, Strength, Yoga, Pilates and Barre formats specifically designed for women who are NOT 25 years old.

Get fit and stay fit with EZ Fit in 10. Online fitness for Beginners to Seniors.

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